Idzik Ltd

Shared-Service Centre

Our services are unique because based on our experience in accounting services and ERP implementation we can offer tailored solutions specifically design for every project. We can help to organise or set up facility based in any part of the world tailored to specific needs of your entity to reach better customer service and lower costs.

Typical program include following stages:

- process review

- design

- feasibility study

- testing and optimisation

- implementation

- final evaluation

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Accounting services

Our services are tailored to specific requirements and optimised with the use of IT. We provide not only historical Financial Statements but by getting to know our clients’ business we actively participate in financial management on behalf of our clients.

We understand the potential of the out-sourcing concept and realize that this is a ideal solution for most businesses which allows them to focus on on “core activity”.

Our services include among others the following:

- VAT registry

- Income and tax declarations

- Credit Control

- Mandatory financial statements under IFRS

- Mandatory regulatory/statistic reports

- Management accounting system

HR & Payroll service

We combine our clients’ operations into system processes which result in convergence and streamlining of their business processes and procedures. Individually designed and implemented solutions ensure that clients’ strategies are converted into real business benefit at the lowest possible cost.

We offer a full range of services in relation to HR & Payroll departments

Our services are tailored to meet our clients' needs and include among others the following:

- Maintaining payroll lists

- Personnel administration

- NI/tax declarations

- Individuals records of employees

- Details of employment

- Monthly payments